Making money with shopify

Making Money with Shopify & Oberlo

So if your reading this article i am just going to assume you want to learn how to make money with shopify.

Just a little info on Shopify first.

  1. It is really simple to use no code or programming needed.
  2. Really simple to open an account.
  3. They have every tool you need to be successful.
  4. They offer a free trial.
  5. They have the payment solution you need and can be set up really fast.

So lets get started.

Shopify is a very powerful tool for anyone with very little technical knowledge of coding websites.

They offer things called themes.These themes are easily edited and they offer you free themes to get you off the ground.There are also premium themes but we will talk more about that later.

For now i would like you to go to the shopify website and simply sign up and follow their simple steps.(Only do this if you are ready to use up your free 14 day free trial).

When you get set up on Shopify it will ask you if your setting up for a retail shop or an online shop?you will want to select online storefront for now.Fill in your details and take some time to look around to get comfortable with the lay out of shopify in general.

When you are ready you will want to go and look for a theme.Look for a simple design to suit your needs and make sure to search the free themes.

Next choose your domain if you dont have a web domain dont worry as you can just use the free one they give you for now.After you’ve done that you can select your payment processor choose which ever is best for you but i think stripe is a great option.

Now go explore shopify as much as you can and come back to me to learn how how you can easily start your own dropshipping website and make money off every product you sell and the best part of all is you will never have to touch one product.


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